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Meanwhile in Toronto

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Me every time a develop any sort of feeling towards humans

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raising awareness for turtle bullying.

a growing problem.

A very slowly growing problem.

This gets funnier and funnier every time I see it

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さくらさん* (by yu*ri)

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Men With Fabulous Flower Beards [boredpanda]

Previously: Guys With Fancy Female Hairstyles

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a series of stupidly gorgeous collections
↳ rami al ali spring 2014 couture

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I lived in villages with eight people, rural farming communities, college towns. I was sent to every corner of Indiana. And then I came here, and I realized that this whole time, I was just wandering around, everywhere, just looking for you.
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Infinite List of Favourite Movies | Juno (2007)
I mean, I’m already pregnant, so what other kind of shenanigans could I get into?
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